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Software Engineering Services
Specializing in Embedded Applications, Windows Applications, and WDM drivers, Tekton Software Engineering Services can bring your idea to life. We offer assistance with any stage of development, from brainstorming to production.
Check out our Projects page for examples of what we've accomplished.
Here are just some of the things we do better than your average developer.

Choosing the Right Microcontroller/Platform for the Job.

Choosing the Right Tools and Operating Systems for the Job.

"Hot Rodding" the PC Architecture in Embedded for Maximum Performance in PC designs.

Interfacing to Custom or Non Standard Hardware.

Understanding the Difference between Developing an Application and Developing a PRODUCT.

Understanding the Special Requirements of a Real Time Design.

Understanding "No Job Is Complete Until The Paperwork Is Done" - Documentation is important.

Professionalism and Experience Make Projects Happen - Correctly, the FIRST TIME.

We have experience on many different platforms, using many different manufactures / models of microcontrollers.
If you need a test application or PC based interface to your product, (DOS, Windows, Linux/Unix), we do that too.

If you need a driver (Windows WDM), we do those as well.

Also, we have access to hardware and mechanical resources (people and other) to complete your design team.

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