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Hardware and Hardware Related Info

PC Engines - Hardware Design
On-Line Journal of Computer Controlled Systems
PC-104 Source List
CPU Info Center - Neat Information about CPUs
Ampro - Single Board Computers
Intel - Embedded Processors
E.G. Technology Corp - Single Board Computers
Kila Corp - Single Board Computers
AMD - Embedded Processors
National Semiconductor NS486SXF (Might be going Obsolete - check out the Cyrix stuff below)
Cyrix - MII Embedded Processor

Software and Related Information

Intel Secrets - What Intel Doesn't Want You To Know
The Coriolis Group - Books and Publications
Annabooks - Books and Seminars
IBM - Embedded DOS (IBM?)
On Time Software (RTKernel/RTKernel32) - Nifty No-Royalty Lightweight RTOS
TNT DOS-Extender SDK Version 8.0 - 01/29/96

...And if you have to do Windows Development...

Microsoft Developer Network - A must for MS Developers
Microsoft Hardware Developer Page - So you want your thing to work with Windows, eh?
Microsoft Windows CE Developer Page - MS does embedded - in only 2MB!

...And now for something completely different...

The Onion

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